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Ecomade is Nigeria's number 1 recycling and waste management company,We are committed to producing sustainable and environmentally friendly products, that embraces creativity and innovation.
We currently recycle waste papers,waste tyres,waste plastics and waste bags.However we plan to expand to recycling more items.
Ecomade is built on the fundamentals of collaborating for a cleaner environment.We are open to collaborations.You can collaborate with us as an Investor or a Waste Supplier.
Simply follow this link and fill up the Prospective Investors Form.Our investment advisers will get in touch with you immediately.
Investments in Ecomomade gives an average ROI (Return on Investment) of up to 30% annually.

Investments between N50,000 to N5,000,000 ROI 20%

Investments between N5,000,000 to N20,000,000 ROI 25%

Investments of N20,000,000 and above ROI 30%

Yes, you are free to liquidate your investment anytime you wish.However return on that investment will based on the liquidated date and not on full duration.
Simply register as a supplier Prospective Suppliers Registration.Our procurement officers will get in touch with you immediately
We produce our proprietary Syn Fuel (pyrolysis oil) suitable for burners and boilers, its burns faster cleaner and more efficient than most pyrolysis oils in the market.

We also produce our 2 ply and single ply jumbo reels used for tissues and paper napkins.

We produce cold washed recycled plastic PET bottles suitable for use in manufacturing a host of products.

Yes you can, fell free to contact us via our various channels for further discussions on this.
For more information please feel free to reach out to our customer care via a phone call,online support chat and via email to

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leaders in Recycling and sustainable products development!

Plastic wastes, E-wastes & Paper wastes!

We at Ecomade have made considerable progress toward reducing environmental footprint and fostering sustainable growth, particularly with regard to carbon emissions and plastic waste recycling. Among Ecomade’s top priorities are our reuse and recycling efforts – including the management of plastic wastes,paper waste, e-waste and water.

jobs created

Ecomade while focused on saving the planet by recycling wastes has created over one thousand jobs across all ages

tones recycled

Ecomade has recycled over three hundred thousand tons of wastes, with paper and paperboard accounting for approximately 67 percent of that amount

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