Carbon Black

At Ecomade we believe in the power of simplicity. Our standard carbon blacks are available in a variety of grades for specific applications and we can tailor our products to fit your company’s processing needs. In addition, our products are available in a variety of forms (pelletized, fluffy, densified) depending on your requirements. We go to great lengths to assure that every aspect of working with us and our carbon black is as simple and smooth as possible.


Improve your furnace performance with our syn-fuel.

Discover the power of a cleaner more efficient furnace/boiler fuel!

Ecomade's syn-fuel(Pyrolysis oil) is playing a significant role in enabling the energy transition and providing a quick switch from dirtier energy sources like coal or heavy fuels to a cleaner alternative.

In the industrial sector, our syn-fuel provides a clean solution to those industrial sectors which need a high calorific fuel in their production process, and which are the most difficult to electrify.

  • Slower burning performance
  • High calorific value
  • Cleaner than most fuels
  • 50% more energy output
  • Environmentally friendly

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We take great pride in everything that we do, control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality service.